Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Am More Polite Than Me??

I? Me? Is it just the same??

I and ME are personal pronouns which are liable to be confused.

I should be used as the subject of a sentence,for example:

You and I have both been asked to play tennis.
May John and I play?

Me should be used as the object.

My brother and father played against my mother and me.
The project was presented by John and me.

People often assume, quite wrongly, that me is less polite than I. This is probably because they have been taught that, in answer to such questions as Who is there?, the grammatically correct reply is It is I.

However, except in very formal contexts, It is me is frequently found in modern usage, especially in spoken contexts.

Confusion often arises as to whether to use I or me after the word "between". Since "between" is followed by an object, me is the correct form. For example:

Just between you and me, I think he is dishonest.


Choose the correct pronoun to complete each sentence.

1. John and (I/me) both knew Jack at university.

2. Jane committed the crime and then tried to put the blame on Pat and (I/me)

3. Just between you and (I/me), I don’t really trust Bob.

4. Hi, Jenny. It’s (I/me)! I’m just phoning to say I’ll see you at the restaurant tonight.

5. It was (I/me) who found the body, but it was Frank who phoned the police.

6. Meg spoke to Peter and (I/me) before she left.

7. The prize money was divided among brothers and (I/me).

8. My father, mother and (I/me) are going to my brother's house for Christmas.

9. The teacher was angry with two of other students and (I/me).

10. A gulf developed between my brother and (I/me) over my father's wall.

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